The Highest Level of Service Possible

Some people ask us “Why hire a billing service?” To put it plainly: Because we get it right the first time!

While we respect providers who attempt to manage it all on their own, or practices with employees who handle billing (on top of a plethora of other responsibilities), we can confidently say that our focus and expertise allow us to do it better. Here’s what providers know and expect from Ponderosa Billing Service.

Consistent Cash Flow

Before providers hire us, they write off a huge loss each month. We enable them to collect 20% more than they did before. And that’s at a minimum!

Depending on where your practice stands, we might achieve this by simply collecting on  unpaid claims and copays. Or, you may just need a strategic eye on who your best payors are. Maybe it all boils down to having the right authorization procedures. Whatever the problem, we’re ready to help you solve it and put systems into place that improve your cash flow and collection rates.

Expert Knowledge

It’s one thing to have strong processes and systems in place. It’s another to stay on top of evolving insurance legislation and respond to them without creating new obstacles for patients and your revenue cycle.

After adapting to changes in the insurance space for nearly three decades, we’ve seen it all, and by working with providers in six different states we’re equipped to take on any curveball the industry decides to throw at you.

Team-Based Support

Our clients work shoulder to shoulder with a point person who specializes in their area of practice (be it  medical, mental, or ABA) and the exact types of insurance they accept.

But more importantly, we cross-train and build our expertise together. It’s how we keep up with the ever-changing, complex world of medical billing! There’s always someone available to help with your questions—nine hours a day, five days a week.

More Time For Your Patients

Exceeding expectations is the key to your patients’ hearts and growing a successful practice. We get that. In fact, it’s one of the guiding principles we’ve built Ponderosa Billing Service and the business of more than 120 practices on.

We save our providers an average of 5-10 hours per week—and that doesn’t even include the time they save on research, navigating the credentialing process, or following up on denials. They’re able to focus on quality of care and the sustainable growth of their practices.

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