5 Small Business Marketing Tips You Need to Try

Karen Lee

Small business marketing is important. Whether you are working as a consultant or own your own clinic, finding new clients is always a big part of growing your business.  Marketing for services is just as important as marketing for a product based businesses.

While marketing may feel like a daunting task, there are some small things you can start today to begin.

1.  Start with Building a Brand

While you may think of your brand as simply you, your business, your clients in the marketing world it is much more than that.  Your brand should include important items like your mission statement, branding colors, your logo and overall feeling for your brand. 

To build this easily start with your mission statement.  What is it that you are aiming to present as your business.  From there you can pick things like branding colors, keywords you want to use & brand feeling. 

Hiring a local company to help with this probably wouldn’t break the bank either if you want some help establishing a strong brand image.

In the digital era a professional website is more important than ever.  Potential clients want an easy to navigate website with all the information they may need when deciding on a care provider.

2.  Professional Website

Make sure you have in depth descriptions of the services you provide, a bio of yourself & any employees as well as important information such as insurance, payment, and location. 

Your branding message should be clear on your website, too. 

This area is scary to most, but can actually be a great way to connect with current clients as well as find new ones. 

3. Social Media

Social media is a great place to post helpful information such as insurance & policy updates, or articles with tips on managing stress or reasons to avoid alcohol.  You can also use it to connect with your clients on a more personal level, showcasing behind the scenes events such as office parties or employee spotlights.

Start simple with just a Facebook Business page & invite your current clients to follow you. 

Write about what you know.  Whether it is starting a blog on your own website or writing for relevant magazines, writing articles can be a great way to establish yourself as an expert and get the word out about your practice. 

4. Writing

Starting with a blog on your website is a great first step.  When choosing content think about what topics your clients or potential clients would find the most helpful.  This also creates excellent content to share on your new Facebook page!

In the digital world, it’s easy to think that in person marketing such doesn’t work anymore but that just isn’t the case. 

5. In Person

Going to conferences & trade shows or hosting a talk about mental health will get you in front of people that are curious about your services. 

Look for opportunities to network and start building a name for yourself in your community. 

You also might have to be open to hiring a little help. But a little help can go along way when it comes to marketing. For tips on delegating, read our article.