Ponderosa Now Offers Optimax Total Case Management

Karen Lee

Ponderosa Billing now has Optimax Total Case Management Software to make running your practice even more efficient. 

Your life and your practice are ever moving parts with client appointments, staff schedules & record keeping; organization can seem like an impossibility.  At Ponderosa Billing we are always on the lookout for services that can streamline our clients’ work days.  

That’s why we will be implementing Optimax Total Case Management software into our offered services to help you run your business more smoothly.   

Optimax Total Case Management is a tracking software created with BCBAs, ABAs & medical professionals in mind.  Their variety of features include scheduling platforms, billing systems & HR features all in one place. You can also access the database from anywhere, using any device. 

With Optimax, managing schedules has never been easier.  Schedules can be set up with flexible time periods & set group appointments with multiple resources.  It also includes transportation tracking and the schedule/ attendance information translates to easy payroll tracking. 

You can select preferences such as location (home or clinic), schedule by activity type as well as set default appointment lengths, color coding and much more.  Scheduled appointments automatically turn into service logs and becomes a record of the encounter.

Tasks can be created and assigned to any member with credentials to the program.  Staff can easily see what is being communicated and what needs to be followed up on. 

Case management features allow for application & renewal tracking as well as authorization management.   You now can use state machine tracking of cases from referral all the way through completion. With this feature you can build your workflow directly into the process. 

The software also allows for multiple case managers & programs for each client along with full case time tracking and billing.    The fields for client demographic information are extensive with the ability to add custom data fields and customize displayed fields to see what you need to see and in what order. 

Care plans allow you to track items such as goals, objectives and scores over time.  This data can then be graphed and tracked to show outcomes.

The documentation management tool can store and index attachments in key sections in the program.  It allows for three classification fields that allow you to quickly identify at a glance each item. 

Get all these features along with the hands on staff at Ponderosa helping you collect your money, more efficiently.  

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