How to Set Up a Morning Routine

Karen Lee
morning routine

We all hear that having a morning routine is crucial to feeling our best & being productive but actually setting one in place is another story. 

Setting goals for your morning will help you accomplish more, get started on the right foot and hopefully help you have a more kick-butt day! 

There are lots of different activities that you can add into your morning routine, depending on your lifestyle & goals. 

Here are some steps to take to determine what you should be doing each morning.

1. Brainstorm

The first step to setting a routine is determining what you need most before your day gets going.  Sit with a paper & pen and imagine your morning.

Ideally, how would you go about your day?  Do you need more calm in your life? Adding meditation in the morning could be huge for you or maybe reading a good book with a cup of tea.

Does exercise help you feel energized?  Find a local gym or simply do yoga in your living room.  Anything to get you moving. Even 15 minutes counts!

Try these yoga poses ideal for people who sit a lot!

Make a list of activities that help you feel ready to tackle the day. 

2. Select a Few

The key to starting any new routine is to be realistic to what you can accomplish.  Select a few small items from the list you created above.

You can always add in more, but start with just a few that you are confident you can fit in each morning and that will genuinely help. 

3. What Not to Do

Picking items to avoid in the morning can be just as important as picking items to do in the morning. 

We all have activities that make us anxious or stressed, so try avoiding them first thing each day. 

Make a commitment to not check your phone for emails or social media until you get to the office or maybe avoiding watching the news is a good thing for you. 

4.  Reverse Engineer

Determining the right time to wake up is essential  to a morning routine as it allows you to get your morning goals done without rushing. 

Once you’ve determined what your new routine is going to look like, figure out how long it will take you in the morning. 

Determine what time you want to be done with these items and then calculate what time you need to wake up to get it all done. 

Don’t think of this as something you HAVE to do, but something that you can do to make your days better. 

Setting a morning routine can help you get energized, organized and in the right mindset to tackle your day. 

What does your morning routine look like?