How to Take Care of Your Patients and Your Practice

Karen Lee

A recent survey conducted by Health First Financial indicated that 77% of patients say that it is important for providers to disclose the cost of a procedure before it happens. Additionally, 63% want published pricing lists for common procedures. This survey displays that patients want to know how much they need to pay up-front before seeing a provider.

Are you disclosing payments with your patients? Or do your patients get a bill 1 week later?

Practices that know…

  • How much their patients need to pay
  • How frequently payments need to be made
  • Why the patient is paying what they are paying

tend to be way more successful.

Why? Patient satisfaction and practice efficiency both increase immensely! Not only would this allow your patient to determine a monthly budget, but it would also allow your practice to continue to count on that source of income. Unfortunately, health bills are confusing patients more and your chance of a successful transaction is going down each year.

We Can Take Care of Patient Billing Concerns for You!

At Ponderosa, we take the time to check the benefits of each patient you see. All we need is a 72-hour advanced notice, and we can get the information for you prior to even seeing the patient. This is important because if you are planning to see a patient that isn’t currently on an insurance plan that you are credentialed with, you are the one who loses the income. Additionally, if patients have an insurance plan with a high deductible, the insurance carrier is not going to cover anything initially. That is money that you could have in your pocket now. Most providers aren’t aware of this.

Most Importantly… We Save Your ABA/ Medical/ Mental Practice TIME and MONEY

When we verify patient benefits, we will check all this information on your behalf. With Ponderosa’s assistance, you will know if patients have co-pays or other responsibilities due at the time of service. Additionally, we will inform you if your patient has Medicaid and if you cannot/should not collect any payment at all. This process not only helps you to ensure you receive the full payment, but also ensures that you will receive it in a timely manner.

Get Your Money Upfront

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid upfront rather than waiting months to get paid?  By collecting funds upfront from patients, you can help grow a happier, healthier practice. If you and your patients have the required information for any billing concerns before the patient arrives, your chance of collecting right then and there massively increases.

How Much Time Are You Spending with Insurance Companies?

It all sounds great, right? With everything you must do for your patients already, you surely don’t have the time to sit on hold and call each insurance carrier and get all of this information up front. In fact, there are so many numbers to call and most aren’t even sure if they have the right number to call?

The Insurance and Billing Solution for Your Practice

Ponderosa is here to rescue the day! We have a specialized staff of 25 that is focused on getting these questions answered quickly. We get the answers for you while you focus on what’s important: your patients.