How You Can Help Military Veterans Get Access to Care

Karen Lee

The Veterans Choice Program is an initiative that was signed into effect with “The Veterans Access, Choice, Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014.” “It expands the number of options Veterans have for receiving care to ensure Veterans have timely access to high-quality care. Veterans Choice Program provides primary care, inpatient and outpatient specialty care, and mental health care for eligible veterans when the local US Department of Affairs health care facility cannot provide the services.”

Veterans Choice Program (VCP) is currently managed by the HealthNet Federal Services contractor. However, many providers are no longer accepting VCP patients or having to deny patients. In a recent news article The Colorado Springs Gazette illustrates the struggles providers who choose to see VA Choice patients are experiencing. Some providers are $20,000 or more in debt due to unpaid claims. Providers have a heart to help their local veterans and have gone on working for free, for months, while they struggle to get payment from the VA Choice Program.

Perhaps the most unfortunate issue that arises from the VA Choice Program is that the military veterans are the ones who are going to feel the impact the most. When providers are put out of business, or forced to relocate due to claim payment issues, it will be the veterans that are at a loss. While providers have attempted to rectify and follow up on the claim payment issues, there is no one to contact. When calling the VCP claims department you can remain on hold for half a day or more. What’s more than this, is if you do happen to reach a representative, more than half of the time no one can help. In addition, because the program is federally funded there is no check and balance system. There is no one for complaints or frustrations to be voiced to. There is no way to get issues resolved, because there is no one to monitor the situation.

At Ponderosa Billing Services we work as diligently as possible to help provide our health care professionals with a resolution, but when the government can’t even see the problem, what more can be done? Help Ponderosa share the news of the struggle with military veterans and their health care professionals and let’s make an impact on the program and change the outcome together through partnership. Share this post now and make it a country wide cry for help.

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