Get More From Your Time:
Three Ways To Improve Your Practice While Thrilling Your Patients


As a healthcare provider, your time is best spent in front of patients, but the reality is that you’re juggling what you love to do with the responsibilities of running a business.

We’ve created this collection of insights to provide solo providers and practices like you with quick, actionable tips for getting the most out of your time and energy.

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Do you feel stretched thin?

Are you spending more time running your business than focused on your patients?

Do you wish you had more time to dedicate to big picture growth, instead of day-to-day details?

This whitepaper will help you get those most out of your time and energy, while increasing the satisfaction of your patients in the process.

Insights We Share:

  • Four MUST HAVE pieces of information you should share with every patient
  • A ‘reality check’ into the time you might be losing to administrative tasks and billing
  • Proven tools and technology for saving time on scheduling, communication, and billing
  • Real-life examples from other providers like you
“After six years, we have grown to be the largest locally-owned ABA provider
in the state. Billing processes are streamlined, effective and accurate, and
require a limited amount of time and energy on our part.”
Christine Benneditti & Tina Walsh
Owners of ABT, BCBA/Administrator
Business is good! Ponderosa Billing is extremely knowledgeable and very professional.
Trudy Dawson
“Karen’s team has members who specialize in the insurance companies I work with. They know how to argue with these companies. They get the facts and I feel well-informed about what’s going on.
Kari Anderson
Clinical Social Work / Therapist, LCSW

Ponderosa Billing Service, located in Colorado Springs, CO and prides itself on helping fast-growing medical practices with 1-4 providers process claims and receive reimbursements that build their revenue.

We can help you navigate the complexities of medical billing; stop losing revenue due to unpaid claims and copays; save time collecting from patients and insurance companies; keep a strategic eye on where your practice is and where it can grow—all while increasing patient satisfaction and allowing you to provide better care to your clients.

Take back 10-15 hours of your week!

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