4 Ways Working With a Medical Billing Expert Will Improve Your Practice

Our free guide will show you how working with a medical billing team with specialized knowledge and expertise of Medical, Mental Health, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) billing — can help you streamline your operations, delight patients, maximize revenue, and get paid for the services you provide.

The Free Guide Includes:

  • A ‘reality check’ into the time you might be losing to billing and collection efforts
  • Insights into how we help clients collect at least 20% more revenue
  • The best ways to capture lost revenue  (and our favorite tools for doing it)
  • Tips for staying strategic and growing your practice
  • Proven approaches to improving patient satisfaction
  • Insider secrets - some of the biggest medical billing blind spots out there
Thanks to Ponderosa Billing we got approved for Medicaid!
Katharina S
Prevost, LCSW
Working with Karen and her team made our transition into a new organization much better and has really helped us with developing our program.
Mike Pittinaro
Ascendigo Autism Services, Inc
The billing process is overwhelming and I can't imagine doing without Ponderosa Billing. They are truly credentialing and billing angels!!
Alpha Gunn
Somatic Solutions, LLC

Ponderosa Billing Service, located in Colorado Springs, CO and prides itself on helping fast-growing practices with 1-4 providers process claims and receive reimbursements that build their revenue.

We can help you navigate the complexities of medical billing; stop losing revenue due to unpaid claims and copays; save time collecting from patients and insurance companies; keep a strategic eye on where your practice is and where it can grow—all while increasing patient satisfaction and allowing you to provide better care to your clients.

Increase Claims Paid by 20% +
Take back 20 hours of your week!

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