9 Easy Meals You Can Eat On The Go

Karen Lee

Whether you’re pressed for lunch time at the office or zipping from client to client and eating out of your car, finding healthy, easy recipes for lunch on the go can be crucial. 

But that is always easier said than done, isn’t it? 

If you often find yourself ill prepared & headed to the closest fast food restaurant mid day, these easy, on the go recipes are perfect for you. 

1.  Mini Pizza Quiches
Pizza in a portable, bite size form? Sign us up. Add in your favorite pizza toppings to this recipe to customize them for yourself.

2.  Sausage Egg & Cheese Breakfast Rollups
For a filling breakfast (or lunch) on the go, try these hearty baked rollups. The crust calls for crescent rolls, making these even easy to whip up in a flash.

3.  Ham and Scallion Cream Cheese Pinwheel Sandwiches
These are perfect for you or the kiddos. AND they are so easy to make, the kids can help you!

4.  Mediterranean Farro Salad
This easy farro salad is packed with healthy carbs and veggies to keep you energized throughout your busy day.

5. Breakfast Cookies
These cookies aren’t just for breakfast. They are a quick and easy snack at any point during the day.

6.  Paleo Salmon Cakes
We all know fish is a great healthy meal, but eating it on the go isn’t usually possible. These salmon cakes allow you to fuel up on healthy protein no matter what the day brings.

7.  Lasagna Cups
The soft crunch factor from the baked wonton adds the perfect addition to these creamy, cheesy lasagna cups.

8.  Chicken Pot Pie Hand Pies
Want the warm comfort of a pot pie with convenience? Try this pot pie hand pies.

9. Vegetarian Black Bean and Hummus Sandwich Wrap
Packed with protein filled black beans and creamy hummus this meat-free wrap is perfect for lunch at work.

Prepping meals ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches & scrambling throughout the week. Try prepping ahead of time so you can grab and go all week.

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