Trudy Dawson

Clinical Social Work / Therapist, PhD, LCSW, PC

When her office manager no longer available to help with the details, Trudy Dawson trusted our team to help her prioritize and execute on billing-related items.


Her Story

Winds Of Change

Trudy reached out to us in the last quarter of 2006 when the office manager her firm shared accepted a new position and the practice decided to no longer pool together their resources for employees in-house.


Her Goals

The To-do List, Tackled

Trudy was simply looking to partner with an outside service that was dependable. One that she could trust with the details and that could give her accounts more attention than a shared in-house person could.


The Solution

Prioritizing Growth

We were able to analyze Trudy’s accounts and report on how many clients came from each insurance company. As a result, she was able to start started accepting and marketing to the higher payor, while referring lower payers out.

Next, we helped Trudy prioritize which insurance panels to join, and where to renegotiate prices. Last we began handling her authorization requests and paperwork, preventing denials and ensuring Trudy was paid. We worked the the challenging (and better-paying cases) that she just didn’t have time to sort out.


The Results

Increased Income & More Bandwidth

By intentionally focusing on growth, our team helped Trudy increase her average payment by 6% without taking on additional clients. She has more time to support her existing clients and the peace of mind that her her accounts are getting the attention they need.

Business is good! Ponderosa Billing is extremely knowledgeable and very professional.
Trudy Dawson

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