Tara Alexander

Clinical Social Work / Therapist, PhD, LCSW, PC

Building a private practice after being out of the game felt like a daunting task, but with our help, Tara Alexander grew her practice from nothing, and without a massive marketing budget.


Her Story

Starting From Square One

When Tara moved from London to Colorado Springs in 2010, she dreamt of building a practice where she could serve clients from diverse backgrounds, including military, religious and racial minorities, and people with disabilities—but she wasn’t sure how to handle billing.


Her Goals

Getting The Business Flowing

Having worked with a billing service years before, Tara knew that the key to establishing a viable private practice was the referrals she’d gain from being networked with insurance panels. In her words “There’s no business without it.”


The Solution

Credentialing, Security, & So Much More

Guiding Tara through the insurance panel credentialing process was where we started, but we also worked to make her billing process more secure, and most importantly, one that Tara understood at a comfortable level.

We work with Tara to ensure that she’s up to date with changes in Medicare, policy changes, and diagnostic codes—any detail that would be hard to track while she also manages her practice. Our team also helps her collect on accounts owed and track her earnings so that they’re crystal clear.


The Results

Fully-Booked in Six Months

When Tara first launched her practice, she was seeing about 3-5 clients a week. Six months after engaging the help of our team of experts, Tara was full-booked and today, she’s very rarely able to accept new clients.

When working with Karen and her team, it’s always clear the lines of communication are open. My clients are very satisfied. At this point, I wouldn’t even attempt to do my own billing!
Tara Alexander
Clinical Social Work / Therapist, PhD, LCSW, PC

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