Nikki Wahlberg

Clinical Social Work / Therapist, LCSW

Rebilling, submitting payments, and arguing on the phone with insurance companies was costing Nikki Wahlberg's precious time. We helped her overcome the wall she repeatedly hit when it came to collecting insurance reimbursements.


Her Story

Going It “Alone”

After working a local community behavioral health center, mental health therapist Nikki Wahlberg decided  leverage her passion for helping patients work toward personal growth and healing through her own private practice in June of 2016.


Her Goals

Less Time Arguing With Insurance Companies

Nikki’s initial transition to her own practice was, as she puts it, “Three months of hell.” She was leveling up her business on the side while working a full-time job. After ending her relationship with another billing service due to huge delays in payment, she struggled to follow up on billing matters on her own after hours. BlueCross BlueShield proved particularly difficult to work with.

At the end of the day, Nikki just wasn’t getting paid for the treatment she provided.


The Solution

Asking the Right Questions

A Medicare payment glitch was the final straw that caused Nikki to reach out to us. When we fixed that issue in five minutes flat, she agreed to let us dive deeper into her business. We went back to the start of her practice, recovering roughly $6000 in unpaid bills in less than 45 days.

We also helped Nikki establish a billing database, forms, and systems that are easy to manage as she moves through her schedule of clients.


The Results

More Time & Energy For Clients

After enlisting our help, turning billing calls and operations over to our team, and implementing a medical billing database, Nikki reports that she saves approximately 20 hours a week that she once dedicated to the billing process.

They know the questions to ask. They know how to do it. Thanks to Ponderosa’s specialty I can focus on my work. The therapeutic relationship stays therapeutic.
Nikki R. Wahlberg
Clinical Social Work / Therapist, LCSW

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