Kari Anderson

Clinical Social Work / Therapist, LCSW

When it came to dealing with insurance companies, the process caused Kari Anderson and her patients undue anxiety. Our team helped her implement processes that satisfy her clients while reducing her stress as a business owner.


Her Story

10+ Years as a Solo Practitioner

Kari Anderson has built her Colorado Springs-based practice around practical therapy that’s useful in the day-to-day. Her ultimate goal is helping patients enjoy their lives more and not feel stressed or overwhelmed by what they face.


Her Goals

Less Anxiety for Her & Her Clients

Kari Anderson was on the verge of no longer accepting BlueCross BlueShield when she enlisted our help. She easily spent 10 hours a week arguing with them over unpaid bills. What’s more, she’d had two negative experience working with at-home billing assistants in the past.

She was frustrated, and in some cases, her clients felt the same way.


The Solution

Working With a Team She Could Trust

We were excited when Kari immediately signed with us. “Karen has a great reputation. I was very attracted by the idea of working with an established business.”

In just a 30-day period, we helped Kari implement the right forms, systems, and processes for her billing needs, and within 45 days we collected more than $5000 worth of collections in back billing.


The Results

Double The Business

When she struck out on her own, Kari was seeing just 10 clients, and now she sees twice that.

“Karen’s team has members who specialize in the insurance companies I work with. They know how to argue with these companies. They get the facts and I feel well-informed about what’s going on.
Kari Anderson
Clinical Social Work / Therapist, LCSW

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