A little more about us...

From Ponderosa Billing’s very beginning, we’ve worked to create a business with the best people, technology, and processes possible. Our culture and ethos is built on growth and excellence. It’s how we guarantee our clients and their patients successful billing outcomes.

Some days, that means meeting as a team to cross-train and draw from each other’s knowledge. Other times it’s as simple as ensuring everyone has access to journals and trade resources to maintain a superior level of expertise. But on any given day, we’re working together to help healthcare providers focus on what they do best: providing better care for their patients.

Now, about you...

  • You are process-oriented, thorough, and not intimidated by fast-paced teams and environments
  • You have medical billing experience (if asked, you could tell us the difference between EOB’s and ERA’s)
  • You are naturally curious and always looking for solutions to problems
  • You know what A/R should be tackled first and how to appeal rejected claims
  • You thrive when faced with a customer service challenge, be it a difficult representative or a customer with a unique question
  • You’re the person people turn to when they want something done right
  • You’re not afraid of being held to high standards

If this sounds like you, please contact us at GetHelp@PonderosaBilling.com or 800-452-9284.