How to Effectively Delegate in Your Business

Karen Lee

You started your business from scratch, putting your love & sweat into building it up.  You’ve certainly heard that business delegation is key in growing your practice & running it more efficiently, but that is easier said than done.

How do you even begin to delegate in your business?  It’s hard to imagine entrusting someone else to help you move your passion along, but hiring others to help you is key in growing your practice and alleviating stress. 

Follow these steps to help you start to find help, work more effectively & free up your time.

#1 Determine Where to Delegate

You may feel like you have to do everything in your business and no one could do it better, but is that really true?

Take a few minutes to sit down and think about all the tasks in your business.  Write out what your typical day looks like.

Now, which tasks could you possibly delegate.  These include tasks that you either don’t like doing or aren’t an expert at.  Marketing, customer service & billing are good areas to look at.

A good test to do with yourself is to now think about your day to day in the business without some of these daunting tasks.  How much time would that free up and think about what you could do with that time? Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Billing companies, like Ponderosa, not only free up more time in your day, but they also can significantly boost your bill collection.

#2 Find the Best Fit

Business delegation can be daunting and this is the step that causes most small business owners to never look to delegate.  How do you begin to find the people that will help you grow your business?

After determining which areas you could use the most help, do your research.  Ask around from others in your industry & make sure to hire the person who has the best skills and experience, not the person who is the cheapest. 

If you don’t feel like you have the budget, start small.  Hire a marketing expert at just a few hours a week & increase as you want or can.  Or if you hire a firm for areas such as customer service or billing, get all your cost questions answered up front so you know what it all entails. 

Billing companies, like Ponderosa, usually have great systems in order to help in other areas as well. Ponderosa recently added Optimax Total Case Management, learn more about how it could help.

#3 Set Up Systems

It’s difficult to bring on a new person, so set up systems ahead of time.  Determine the tasks they will be in charge of, what systems you’d like for reporting, how often you’ll meet to go over items, etc. 

Organization is key for any business, especially when you start delegating.  Whether it’s Google spreadsheets or calendar tasks find what works best for you and your business and implement it across your business. 

If you set up good organization ahead of time, it will keep every aspect of your business running smoothly. 

#4 Relinquish Control

It’s hard not to micro manage your staff, but that will just add more stress to your plate, not less.  You put the systems in place to start building trust with your new employees, so trust them to do their jobs. 

To learn more about how Ponderosa can help take some tasks off your plate, contact us now.