We’ve been in operation since 1989, but our mission and vision have always stayed the same. At Ponderosa Billing Services we believe that insurance billing should never be stressful, time-consuming, or fruitless, and we want to see your business grow and your clients smile.

Our team has the connections and processes in place to avoid billing hassles at every turn, and we cross-train everyone to ensure there is always an expert available to answer questions based on specialized knowledge of your area of practice.

Our team helps providers focus on what they do best: Providing better care to their patients.

What does that mean for you?
Fewer billing and coding errors, better follow up on rejected and denied claims, less paperwork, and higher collection rates in a fraction the time!

Tools, Credentials, & Standards Ponderosa is Built On

Meet Our "Work Family"

Manpower. Industry experience. Phones that get answered before the third ring.

By bringing the best people and technology together, we deliver the highest level of service possible. And by thinking of ourselves as not just a team, but as a family, we grow and stay current together—offering you unmatched expertise in the insurance world.

Leadership Team

Admin Team

ABA Team

Medical Team

Mental Team

Karen Lee


Wendy Dulaney

Mental Account Manager

Vicky Kilbourn


Shawna Barton

Medical Account Manager
“After six years, we have grown to be the largest locally-owned ABA provider
in the state. Billing processes are streamlined, effective and accurate, and
require a limited amount of time and energy on our part.”
Christine Benneditti & Tina Walsh
Owners of ABT, BCBA/Administrator
Business is good! Ponderosa Billing is extremely knowledgeable and very professional.
Trudy Dawson
“Karen’s team has members who specialize in the insurance companies I work with. They know how to argue with these companies. They get the facts and I feel well-informed about what’s going on.
Kari Anderson
Clinical Social Work / Therapist, LCSW
They know the questions to ask. They know how to do it. Thanks to Ponderosa’s specialty I can focus on my work. The therapeutic relationship stays therapeutic.
Nikki R. Wahlberg
Clinical Social Work / Therapist, LCSW
When working with Karen and her team, it’s always clear the lines of communication are open. My clients are very satisfied. At this point, I wouldn’t even attempt to do my own billing!
Tara Alexander
Clinical Social Work / Therapist, PhD, LCSW, PC
The billing process is it is overwhelming and I can't imagine doing without Ponderosa Billing. They are truly credentialing and billing angels!!”
Alpha Gunn
Somatic Solutions, LLC
Thank you for all your hard work, humility, and honest with me through this insurance billing process!!  I can’t believe you guys were able to get $15k in old claims paid!!
Peak Potential Behavior & Wellness, LLC
You guys rock, I am happy that we have you on our team!
Intermountain Rehabilitation Assn., Inc.
Thanks to Ponderosa Billing we got approved for Medicaid!
Katharina S
Prevost, LCSW
Working with Karen and her team made our transition into a new organization much better and has really helped us with developing our program.
Mike Pittinaro
Ascendigo Autism Services, Inc