6 Tips to Help You Work From Home

Karen Lee

Working from home can be tough for anyone, but can be particularly difficult for those whose days are typically filled with appointments with patients. 

If you are also now in charge of homeschooling, there is an entire additional layer to your current role and duties. 

To help you make the most of this extended time at home here are some tips for staying productive, stress-free and healthy.

1. Morning Routine
The morning routine suggestion is more like an all day routine now, but the morning is more important now than ever. 

If you are finding yourself sleeping in, taking longer to get to your computer or overall have a lack of motivation setting up a successful morning routine will help. 

Small steps like setting an alarm, making sure to work out and meditating will help you set your day on the right foot.  For more tips on setting a morning routine, read here.

2. Time Block Your Day
This goes along with a routine, but time blocking is taking things a step further.  Don’t just have a to-do list you need to have set times to work on each item.

Sure, a to-do list might be enough when you are at work but now that you are home it will be more of a struggle to set some structure. 

For example do you need to help your kids with math?  Set a time chunk for when you will sit down and tackle it.  Or maybe you need to send emails to all your patients confirming their telehealth appointments.  Block off enough time during your day to get it done. Bonus points if you go to your home office and lock the door. 

3. Schedule Breaks
Yes, a routine is good, but you also need to set breaks.  This is important in any work-life balance but especially now when life and work are literally overlapping.

Take a few minutes to walk outside, sit down and have lunch, meditate or do yoga.  Anything to break up your day. It will help you focus when you get back to work, too. 

4. Connect
Whether it be with co-workers or friends, make time to connect.  Try setting up a weekly FaceTime with fellow colleagues to chat about work, life and everything in between. 

Know that everyone is having a hard time adjusting to this temporary normal and we all need support.  Just chatting with others can help boost your morale and productivity.

5.  Be Active
Find ways to be active.  Whether it is a short (and safe) walk outside, 10 minutes of yoga or maybe a workout video, find ways to get moving. 

It is more important than ever to do something daily to get your body active when we are all sitting 24/7 now. 

For our favorite yoga poses check out this article. 

6.  Stay Positive
Lastly, find ways to stay positive.  There are a lot of unknowns right now and we are all having a hard time making sense  of it all. Find ways to stay positive.

Ideas might be starting a gratitude journal, saying positive affirmations and maybe turning off the news.