Big Changes for Veterans Affairs Healthcare!

Karen Lee

VA Community Care


The US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is now offering two types of programs that allow Veterans better access to care. The first is the Veterans Choice Program (VCP). The VCP program is designed for Veterans who need a specific type of care, and the VA cannot provide that care in a timely manner or the nearest VA medical facility is too far way or too difficult to get to. To utilize the VCP the Veteran must receive prior authorization from the VA for the service.


The VA has changed the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) into the Patient Centered Community Care (PC3) Program. There  are no additional requirements to become a PC3 provider if you were already an existing VCP provider. Patient-Centered Community Care is a national program of community providers that provide veterans access to primary care, inpatient/outpatient specialty care, mental health care, limited emergency care, and limited new born care.


The VA also offers ChampVA. To be eligible for ChampVA you cannot 

already qualify for Tricare. In addition you must be one of the  following: spouse or child of a veteran has been disabled for a service-connected disability; surviving spouse or child of Veteran who passed from VA disability; surviving spouse or child of a Veteran who at time of death was permanently or totally disabled; surviving spouse or child of a military member who died in line of duty (but not already eligible for Tricare).


The benefits of these two different programs mean that Veterans can have access to care when they need it.


In the past the third-party administration for the western region of Veterans Choice Program (VCP) and Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) was Healthnet Federal Services (HNFS). However, starting October 1, 2018 HNFS will no longer administer the contract for any VA Programs in the West. VA Programs in the West will be taken over by local VA centers. All care, credentialing, contracting, and provider items will now be coordinated directly thru the local VA center closest to provider or patient.


Existing providers for the VCP/PC3 program are being enrolled in the new program at Ponderosa Billing Services, Inc. If you are unsure if you are a VCP/PC3 provider, we encourage you to contact your account manager directly.


If you would like more information on VA care, VA provider information, or the VA process please contact Ponderosa Billing Services, Inc directly. You can call: 800-452-9284 or e-mail: today!